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Mixing and grouting plants



The UNITRAILER makes it possible to prepare grout of cement (or bentonite, or wire) and to inject it.

The grout is prepared in the turbo mixer (TMD range), then transferred to the recovery agitator (MR range) using a manual transfer device. It is then pumped by the injection press (PH range).

This autonomous machine is driven by a motor-pump unit.


Job :

L: 3030 mm - I: 2000 mm - H: 1654 mm

Weight (kg): 2440

Transportation :

L: 2410 mm - I: 2000 mm - H: 1654 mm

Weight (kg): 2440

Turbo mixer type TMD 120 :

Tank capacity: 120 liters

Turbine speed: 1500 rpm

Mixing and manual transfer


Return agitator type MR 300 :

Tank capacity: 300 liters

Rotation speed of the blades: 30 rpm

Connections for the suction of the PH 15 press

Injection molding machine PH 15 100 mm or 70 mm piston :

100 mm piston: Flow 0 to 165 l / min and pressure from 0 to 50 bars

70 mm piston: Flow 0 to 80 l / min and pressure from 0 to 110 bars

Lubrication of the seals by automated lubrication system

Double acting pump