Mixing and separation plants

UFSC 250 MR 500


The UFSC 250 MR 500 is used to prepare a cement slurry (or bentonite, or wire) and to store it.

The grout is prepared in the turbo mixer and then transferred to the recovery agitator to keep the mixture stirred for suction by the injection presses.

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Turbo mixer type TMD 250

Tank capacity: 250 liters

Turbine speed: 1,500 rpm

Electric motor power: 9 KW

Recovery agitator type MR500

Tank capacity: 500 liters

Rotation speed of the blades: 30 rpm

Electric motor power: 1.1 KW

Dimensions and weight :

Length 2638 mm

Width 1347 mm

Height 1724 mm

WEIGHT 955 kg