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Drilling machines for special works and underpinning

TCH 90



The TCH90 drill has been designed to perform many types of drilling: Anchor, micro piles, jet grouting, destructive drilling with water, air, mud (with or without recording parameters).

Capable of drilling with down-the-hole hammer, rotary percussion, auger, tricones in destructive. The TCH90 is able to adapt to different drilling methods depending on the geology of the terrain to be crossed.

With a very concentrated size, but with a power of 115 KW, the TCH90 remains one of the drills with the best "weight-power" compromise in its entire category.


Dimensions and weight :

Overall length: 1m rod: 2820 mm / 2m rod: 3820 mm

Overall width: 1600mm

Mast height folded: 2430 mm

Weight: 6,500 Kg


Rotation head :

Head erasure: 500 mm

TPI FC700 - 1000 / RH6X / TOP 67 / TOP 36


Double rod brake :

Clamping capacity: 60 to 260 mm

Jaw clamping force: 9,500 daN

Unscrewing torque: 12,000 daN


Steel chase :

Overall width of the chaser: 1600 mm

Tile width: 300 mm

Travel speed: 2.8 Km / h

Thermal motor :

Make: DEUTZ TCD 3.6 T4 / Stage 5

Power: 90 KW

Fuel tank capacity: 100 L

Hydraulic tank capacity: 250 L


Mast configuration :

Modular mast only: Length (mm): 2 820

Head stroke (mm): 1350

Mast + 1 extension: Length (mm): 3 820

Head stroke (mm): 2 350

Maximum thrust (daN): 4,500

Maximum traction (daN): 4,500

Normal descent speed (m / min): 11.6

Maximum descent speed (m / min): 38.7

Normal ascent speed (m / min): 11.6

Maximum ascent speed (m / min): 38.7

Head erasing stroke (mm): 400


Different options on demand :

Handling winch capacity: 1 ton

Night lighting

Radio remote control

Remote hydraulic control console

Electrically operated line lubricator (opening and closing)