Pumps for grouting and flushing

PH 125 E3


PH pumps are piston injection pumps, robust, reliable, computer controllable. The range of PH pumps is very wide and covers all injections, from fine soil treatments to circulation for drilling.


The range of PH pumps is very easy to start up and maintain. They are all equipped with an automated lubrication unit and potentiometers to adjust the injection flow rates.


The range of PH pumps covers a very high range of pressures (from 0 to 250 bars) and flow rates (from 0 to 470 l / min). They have been designed with an automatic stop system at the pistons in the event of opening.


Dimensions :

Length: 2100 mm

Width: 1150 mm

Height: 1400 mm


Automatic lubrication

Remote control or radio control possible


Maximum pressure :

50 bars


Debit :

225 l / min


Thermal 30CV

Electric 18.5kW / 22kW

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