Mixing and separation plants

Agitator and vibrating screen


The MR 2000 agitator with vibrating screen allows you to sift and store a cement slurry (bentonite or wire) and mud for drilling work. It is generally used for recycling drilling mud.

The MR 2000 + Vibrating screen assembly is available with electric or thermal drive. He understands:

  • A 2000-liter MR stirrer, stirring blade rotation speed: 30 rpm
  • A vibrating screen that can receive different screening grids depending on the nature of the soil
  • Two electric motors, one driving the stirring blades, the other driving the vibrating screen (electric version)
  • A motor-pump unit ensuring the rotation of the blades as well as the vibrations of the screen (thermal version)
  • A starter box


(Variable dimension depending on the options)


Handling position

Length 3,280 mm

Width 1650 mm

Height 2,415 mm


Working position

Length 3620 mm

Width 2270 mm

Height 2220 mm


Tank capacity: 2000 liters

Rotation speed of the blades: 30 tr / min

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